Beauty MLM

Beauty MLM

Here are 6 tips to build, engage and sell to a massive following in any beauty MLM.

  1.  Stop Posting Company’s Products on Your Wall

The first thing you need to do is stop providing free advertisements for your MLM company’s products on your social media platforms.  By posting 4-6 times a day your company’s products on social media, all you’re doing is getting the name of the company out into the consciousness of a possible consumer.

The problem with this is that potential customer who see the products on your feed and who doesn’t really know you, most likely will turn to someone else or to the company to buy the product from.

Sure you may get a few customers per year with this strategy.  And that’s fine if you only want to make a few extra hundred dollars a month. But for the rest of you who saw the possibility of making more in your beauty company you must adopt a completely different strategy.

Rather, create curiosity.  Keep the name of the product and company to yourself.  Wait until someone asks you what’s the product name is.

Listen, it’s not your fault, you have been told by the company leaders to post away.  Maybe this worked for them based on their influence with their network.  But for the majority of us, this method does not work.  We just don’t have the this large of an influence, so we must build a following first and then promote the product or business opportunity on the backend.

  1. Educate, Inform & Inspire

So instead of posting the company’s products, think of what your ideal customer is interested in within the beauty industry that is congruent with your company’s product.

Think broad.  Is it fashion?  Is it make-up?  Is it hair styles?  Is it skin care? Maybe all all of them.

Now educate, inform, or inspire your ideal customer in this broader category through bite size posts.

Let’s look at an example.  You are a rep for a cosmetic MLM.  Instead of posting photos of the products on social media, create posts on upcoming cosmetic trends for the season.

Will eyeliner be in or not?  Will it be a thick heavy black line or a pencil thin line? Are we still using black liner or will color eyeliner be in style?  Will eyeliner stop at the corner of the eye or will the trend be to create a cat eye with liner?

Demonstrate how to get this “in” effect.  Show photos of what it looks like in comparison to last year.  Demonstrate the application of eyeliner using a wet brush or caked eyeliner. Just mix it up.  You could even throw in a great post on a fashion trend as well.  Ask questions in your posts to get engagement flowing. You’ll discover what works best for you and your followers.

You could create a dozen or more posts just on this one subject of spring eyeliner trends!  Within 6 months the trend changes and you start all over again. And this is an example of just one make-up product!

Do you realize what you have here?  You have an unlimited number of topics related to make-up to share with your followers.

What woman, who loves make-up, wouldn’t want to read something like this?!  Magazine subscriptions are down.  People have turned to the internet to get this kind of information …so why not from you!

Beauty MLMWith this kind of posts of informing and educating with strategically promoting your page, your following will grow and grow.  People will be liking, commenting and sharing your posts.  You know how women are, they share away when it comes to make-up!

3.    Get the Engagement Going

Whenever someone likes, comments or shares a post of yours, you want to acknowledge them publicly if possible in the comment section.  Tag their name so the see you have responded to them, otherwise private message them.

Facebook loves engagement.  The more engagement your posts generates the higher up in your friends and followers timelines it will go.  The more eyes on your post, the more likely people will respond to your posts.  And women love to add their 2 cents when it comes to beauty!

4.  Promote Your Product

Follow the 80/20 Rule.  80% of the time you are creating content (posts, images, videos) of value with no sales agenda.  Only educate, inform, and inspire with your content.

20% of the time your posts can include a Call to Action without being spamming.

A Call to Action is a direct commend to your reader to do something.  In this example your call to action could be “Comment below if you want to know the eyeliner I recommend.”

Then you would private message the eyeliner product link ONLY to the people who have raised their hand, so to speak, and follow up in the comment section that you have private messaged that person the link.

Your intention is to create curiosity for those that don’t comment.  We women are funny creatures…. we want what others are buying.  And we want to know what others are buying. So, there’s some psychology to this strategy!  And if your followers do buy from you acknowledge the sale in the comment section…but still no mention of the product name.

Another Call to Action you could use is providing a free tip sheet related to eyeliner application.  This would require a lead magnet (your tip sheet) connected to a marketing/sales funnel with the result being that you capture someone’s contact information in your autoresponder in exchange for them receiving your free tip sheet.

5.  Capture Email Contact Information

  • Not everyone will turn on the “notifications” on your Facebook page, therefore will miss you posts.
  • You can email everyone on your list when you post a new message on your Facebook page including a link that will take them to that post. Therefore increase the chances of engagement.
  • You have a 40x greater chance of making a sale from your email list than your Call to Actions on your page. Apply the same 80/20 rule with your emails.
  • You can strategically promote your business opportunity to the contacts on your list.

6.  Ideas for Content Creation

Pick up any beauty industry magazine and you will have a ton of ideas.  You can find these magazines at bookstores and many local supermarkets.

Plus, all the big-name magazines have a presence online.  And if you don’t want to spend money on magazines, you’ll be surprise how many libraries have a section of current industry magazines that you can check out for free!

Also, search your own library of resources.  Each chapter from a beauty book could be converted into many informative posts that your followers will love.

You’ll have much better result using this method of building, engaging and selling to your following using this strategy.  There’s no limit to what you can share.  You’ll never run out of ideas for posts.  Your followers will become your fans with time and trust your product recommendations, therefore increasing your sales.

PLUS>>you’ll have a lot more fun with this strategy.  The engagement alone will keep you stimulated and you’ll have a lot more sales!


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