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Stay unfulfilled in chosen career or Rewire?!!!!  There is a choice. And it’s YOURS!

Mark and I were healthcare leaders who, with a leap of faith, altered the course of our life direction.  Maybe you can relate. Here’s our story.

We met while working on a burn unit in New York City many moons ago.  We were a young nurse and surgeon with great intentions of serving those in need of acute health care.

Our romance didn’t last long so we went our separate ways.  But years later a funny thing happened…we met again!

And like a moth to a flame, within months, I resigned from my nursing director position, packed my bags, and moved clear across the United States to be with Mark.  All smack in the middle of a recession.

So now I’m a boomer nurse, in a new city, with no local connections, no job opportunities and, therefore, no JOB.  Now what?

On top of all of that, my entire identity was changing drastically. I became a step mom at the age of 50 to an adorable little 4-year-old who wanted me out of her father’s life!

Mark and I both felt trapped by the amount of time and money we had invested in our “chosen” careers, constantly putting out fires, and on many days, dealing with what seemed like endless explosions.

We were exhausted from our industry; overworked, stretched, pulled, edgy, irritable, resentful, feeling less and less internal joy with our lives.

I cringed as my sister Lynn labeled me “Nurse Hatchet” since I spent years of reconfiguring staff to meet the shrinking hospital resources. Mark was known as “Doctor Gory Details” constantly battling for the right “stuff” for his staff and patients.

What else could we do?  We were both stuck in the mud and the mud was getting thicker and thicker.  We were so unhappy with the circumstances of our lives.

Maybe You Too Have Felt Like This Before or Maybe You Feel Like This Right Now?

I continued to search month after month for a job to no avail. My self-worth and confidence plummeted.

Ding-Ding-Ding, perhaps this was an opportunity to break free from a career path that no longer served me?

So, I began to look online for possibilities and discovered the intriguing world of network marketing.

I was so energized by this industry but then I quickly discovered that the traditional system of building a team was an upward battle. There was no joy “chasing” others or pitching my company’s wares online hoping someone would contact me. It all didn’t feel right.

There had to be an easier way to meet people that also wanted to change the circumstances and direct the course of their lives.

You’re the only one who can make the decision & take action to change the course of your life!!!

Mark and I were committed to finding a solution.  Fortunately, we stumbled upon a group of entrepreneurs who were building very successful businesses by leveraging the internet.  We had our work cut out for us, but we were determined to figure out this whole Internet Marketing megillah and how to use it to build a business online.

Never Give Up. Find the Solution by Learning from Those Who Have Paved the Way for YOU!!

And so, we did and found there are so many possibilities to get your message out. With technology, it has never been easier to create a successful business that reflects you and your services.

The key here is to recognize YOUR value and the difference YOU can make in other people’s lives and get YOUR value in front of people who are looking for what YOU have to offer.

There’s a systematic method that all successful business owners use to leverage the internet.  We discovered it and are here to share it with those who are interested in taking their business to the next level.

Whether you are a service provider, network marketer, or independent business owner, you must grasp how to integrate strategic marketing technology in our automated world or you will be left behind.

Once you understand and consistently implement these marketing strategies, there’s no limit to how many lives you can impact and to how much money you can make.

You Can Do This!!!  There’s an Abundance of People Who Want to Work with You &/or Want What You Have to Offer.

Mark and I so appreciate the leaders who have paved the way for us and now it’s our turn to pave the way for you.


Let’s GROW!!


Mark & Dallas


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